My Life Off The Post Road: EMREM

"Why. Why why why. I repeat this refrain for the entire walk to the train station. It’s 6:45 a.m. I could be in bed. I could be jumping out of an airplane. At this moment I’d rather do that than board the train to Birmingham so I can stand up in front of 25 people to talk about children’s adaptations of Shakespeare. Which is exactly what I’m going to do. Voluntarily. At the Early Medieval-Medieval-Renaissance-Early Modern Forum’s annual symposium on 'Lies, Truth, and Deception.'"

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Brain, Child: It's Nature to Nurture

"The need to feed our children is perhaps our most primal instinct, taking precedence even over feeding ourselves. Especially we of the Jewish persuasion. Animals in the wild, and wild Fairfield County mothers alike will go to great efforts and distances to make sure that their offspring have adequate nutrition. Some of us are pushy about it. Some of us forget what the jungle moms aim for: training their young to hunt for and nurture themselves, so they can quickly step out of the picture."

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